Do you need copies of your video project and you don’t want to send it to some online company?
BigTime Video Services can duplicate your video or audio media in-house.
We can transfer from many different video formats to DVD, Blu-Ray or to your choice of digital media like hard drive or flash drive.

If you have an ancient tape that needs to be preserved, or if you have a videotape that you need to put on disk or drive, bring it over and we’ll check it out.
We can do beautiful on-disk printing in full color.

We do archival projects too. Bring us your box of old tapes and we’ll transfer all of it to your hard drive.

BigTime can transfer footage that originates on VHS, SVHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, BetaCam, BetaMax, BetaSP, DVCam, MiniDV and others.

We can even do Worldwide Conversions. If you have an old VHS tape from another country that you’re unable to view, or a video you’ve shot that you’d like to share with an audience overseas. . BigTime Video Services can help.

We can convert U.S. standard NTSC tapes to PAL, SECAM, or other color standards employed elsewhere in the world.

Please remember that we honor international copyright laws.
We will not copy or transfer any film or video that has been copyrighted without written permission from the copyright holder!