How We Work

Pebble ceremony fogSimply put, your wedding film brings to life the mood and moments of your wedding like no other medium can.
You will treasure watching and hearing friends and family celebrate your marriage as the events of the day unfold in a carefully planned or sometimes utterly spontaneous way.

That’s why it’s extremely important that your video is shot and produced by professionals who have the experience, artistry and equipment to create a movie that you and your loved ones will find fun and heartwarming for many years to come. Remember, all videographers are not created equal..

BigTime shoots in High Definition, even 4K if you prefer and edit films that are engaging to watch. We use wireless mic systems for vows, readings, musical performances and toasts because clearly recorded audio is as important as the visuals. We strive for maximum creativity and the highest quality. In other words, we’ll create a movie that you will be proud to share.

Our specialty is capturing the essence of each unique wedding day. We’ll talk with you beforehand about the “look” or style of your video and to make sure we document all the events or guests that are especially important to you.

We prefer to be on scene early for your guest arrivals, preparations, details. Throughout the day we work unobtrusively; we’ll never ambush your guests with camera, lights and microphone. In fact, many of our clients tell us afterward that they didn’t even notice we were there.

We carefully capture all the important events of your reception, including limo arrival, first dances, cake-cutting, bouquet and garter toss, and especially stories from willing friends and family. Our goal is to make this your favorite wedding investment!