Family Legacy

Family History. You’re living it right now. Why not take a moment to celebrate it?
Is someone in your family coming up on a milestone birthday or anniversary? Maybe you have a large collection of unedited vacation footage you’d like to organize and archive? We can help. From photo/video tribute montages to show at a party to recitals or Bar/Bat Mizvahs and Quinceñeras, BigTime has you covered.  We can produce your creative concept video or event, edit your existing footage or scan your photos and put them to music. We have means to transfer most any of your old videotapes, films or DVDs and put them into a digital form to preserve them for years to come. We can even upload your new movie to the cloud so that you may share it or watch it on any of your devices. Your family history is worth preserving on video, so don’t put it off.
Give us a call today and we’ll help take that project off of your “to do” list. (831) 655-0409